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Works We Do

In Reseau Aria (Aria Network), we search for needs, find problems, make solutions, develop ideas and design applications to solve the problems. It is nice to live in a world with your ideas! our applications help you live better and easier.

Develop Ideas

A good Idea is a start point to make an application and start a new business but it is not enough, developing the ideas is more important. We step to step develop ideas to turn our cherished brainchild into a promising project. Read More

Design Applications

We have a professional team to design and develop applications, our designers design nice UX/UI, make good workflows and finally our expert developers develop mobile applications in the both platforms android and IOS. Read More

Launch & Poromotion

We launch our applications in App store and Google Play market and we advertise the applications in websites, social medias and other relevant applications. Read More


About Us

Reseau Aria Ltee is a company that is registered in Quebec, Canada. Reseau in french means Netweork and our commercial name is Aria Network in English.

We registered our company in 2019 and started our projects in 2020, Although we have started our business in Canada recently, we have had a great background in IT in other country and we have had successful projects in IT especially in application development, voice over IP technology (Voip) and telecommunication value added services.

Aria Network

Professional Team

Attention to Details

Creative Mind

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Customer Support

Our Skills

Idea Developing 90%
Graphic Designs UX & UI 92%
Application Development 85%
Website Designing 80%

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304-9835 Boulevard Leduc
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+1 514 444-3138

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